We live in an era where we can attend church every week without ever walking through a physical door. Social media has become a ministry tool, despite its well-earned bad reputation for being an unrealistic representation of real life, a stage for cyber bullying, and an advertisement for bereavement. 

We can “go to church” by listening to a sermon podcast while driving down the highway or walking the dog. If the God of miracles is using the internet for his good purposes, we should be too. Online ministry can reach through social media’s highlight reel to help hurting people around the world and right next door.

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While there are unique advantages to online ministry, it’s important for Christians to find and commit to a local church. The local church is the active extension of Christ’s love on the ground. People can be reached, inspired, and comforted through technology, but it cannot completely fill the need to love and be loved in person.

By: Meg Bucher

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